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What's New:

For 2015 the tax form has changed!! 2015 Tax forms are now available!

The forms can be found on the home page or by clicking on the "City Forms" tab.

Please contact the Tax Administrator with any questions.

Last Updated:  12-29-2015

Current News:

2015 City Income Taxes are Due April 15, 2016!

Tax forms can be printed from the home page or by clicking on the "CITY FORMS" tab.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The following guide attempts to answer some of the frequently asked questions about living in Rittman.
 Licenses for dogs are available at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic, 12545 Sheets Road, Rittman - (330) 925-4910 and the Wayne County Auditor's Office in Wooster - (330) 287-5430 and at H&R Materials on Sterling Ave.
 Calls concerning animals should be directed to the Police Department at (330) 925-8040. The city has an ordinance against animals running free and against certain animals being kept at all within the city limits. The city also has a vicious dog and barking dogs ordinances. For more information, call the Police Department.
Driver's licenses and vehicle license plates can be obtained at either the Wadsworth Deputy Registrar's Office, 123 A Broad Street, Wadsworth - (330) 336-4485, or the Orrville Deputy Registrar's Office, 1430 West High Street, Orrville - (330) 682-0440 or 200 Vanover Street, Suite 3, Wooster - (330) 287-5640.
City Tax
Rittman has a 1.5 percent income tax which provides operating funds and money for capital improvements. The income tax office is located in City Hall and the Tax Administrator can be reached at (330) 925-2057.
Bicycles, Mopeds & Skateboards
Bicyclists must obey all traffic regulations, but bicycles need not be registered.
Mopeds, or motorized bicycles, must have a license plate, and their operators must be licensed and follow safety regulations. License plates for mopeds are available at a deputy registrar's office.
Skateboards or rollerblades are not allowed on public sidewalks or streets except in residential areas where the safety of pedestrians is not violated.
Building and Zoning Permits
Building and zoning permits are required for any construction. Zoning permits are issued at City Hall and must be applied for and obtained prior to applying for and obtaining a building permit. Building permits are issued by the Wayne County Building Department, 428 West Liberty Street, Wooster - (330) 287-5525. Zoning applications can be picked up at City Hall and the clerk can be reached at (330) 925-4819.
The city operates one cemetery, Rittman Cemetery, off DeCourcey Road. Information about the cemetery is available at City Hall by contacting the Service Director (330) 925-2061 or the Cemetery Clerk (330) 925-2059. The historic Pioneer Cemetery is located off Gish Road. The Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery is located at 10175 Rawiga Road, Rittman - (330) 335-3069.
City Employment
All applications for employment with the city are taken at City Hall.
Positions such as police officers require a civil service exam.
Garage Sales
Anyone who wishes to hold a garage or yard sale must get a permit from City Hall.
There is no fee for a garage sale permit.
It is merely a registration and the regulations, most of which pertain to signage, are provided.
Open Burning
Open burning is prohibited within city limits except for cooking fires and some fires related to occupational use. In all cases, these fires may not be used to burn garbage and should be as small as possible. Any questions regarding open burning should be directed to the Police Department at (330) 925-8040.
Permission to hold a parade or to block a street must be obtained from the City Manager.
A parking ban on city streets is in effect from 1-6 a.m., during which time cars will be ticketed if parked on the street. It is forbidden to park an inoperative or unlicensed vehilce on private property for more than 10 days. Complaints about such vehicles should be placed by calling the Police Department at (330) 925-8040. The police issue parking tickets to vehicles that violate the city's parking ordinances.
Tickets are payable at the Police Department, 33 East Ohio Avenue, Rittman.
Recycling and Trash Removal
Household trash items are picked up on regular trash pickup days (Tuesdays) by Kimble, the company the city has contracted with for its waste hauling. Curbside recycling is also available and should be set out at the same time as your regular trash in the recycle bin provided and it is picked up by a separate truck. More information on recycling and a bin can be obtained at City Hall. Tires are not accepted and will not be picked up with the regular trash collection. Tires may be dropped off at the Goodwill Industries in Wooster.
For more information visit the Stark-Tuscarawas-Wayne Joint Solid Waste Management District website at
Commercial trash collection must be arranged for individually. Refrigeration and air conditioning units will be accepted only if it can be documented that the coolant has been removed by a certified technician. To contact Kimble please call 1-800-201-0005   
Snow Removal
The property owner or occupant is responsible for clearing snow from sidewalks in front of their property. City crews clear roadways. Individuals wishing to clear driveways as a business must have a permit and meet certain requirements. Please contact the Police Department regarding snow removal permits. (330) 925-8040.
Tree lawns are the property of the city, however, property owners are responsible for trimming trees and mowing the tree lawn. Permission must be obtained from City Hall before removing a tree from the tree lawn. Please contact the Service Director regarding removal of a tree from the tree lawn (330) 925-2061.
Zoning ordinances govern land use within the city limits. The City Manager has authority to make decisions about enforcement of zoning ordinances and issues permits for signs, construction changes in land use.
The Board of Zoning Appeals, consisting of five members appointed by Council, hears appeals or requests for variations from the city zoning code regulations.
The zoning code can be accessed in the 1163 section of our codified ordinances.
Under Main Menu - Govt Council - Charter & Ordinances




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