What We Do..

Our purpose is the fill the community's needs in many areas...  some of them are listed below...


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What's New:

2012 Marks the 100-Year Anniversary of the Rittman Fire Department!!

Last Updated:  January 19, 2012

Current News:

2012 City Income Taxes are Due April 16th!

Click HERE for your City Tax Forms.


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Here's What we Do For the Community...

Emergency Medical Services


  Primary Mission is to Respond to Emergency Medical Calls.

CPR Classes

  Teach CPR to the community

Child Passanger Seat Safety Inspection

Ohio State Rules for Childseat        Flyer from Ohio State to see rules...


 §  Senior Citizen Outreach

§  Assist with Disaster Planning

§  Promote Bicycle Helmet use

§  Educate Children on calling 911

 §  Provide standby for various community events

 §  Offer EMS continuing education at the station for REMS personnel,                     and members of the surrounding communities

§  Provide Instruction for other Agencies in Wayne & Medina Counties

"Fill The Pill"

rittman ems rittman ohio

Public Speaking

Promote a PUBLIC ACCESS "AED" Program

Thank You, for Letting US--Serve YOU!!

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Welcome to the Offical Website of the City of Rittman
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